Executive Coaching and mentoring

We offer coaching partly based on the CoachWise® method, recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The method assumes that the client is the best resource to solve his/her problems. The role of the coach is to establish a solid partnership with the client so as to help him/her to reach satisfactory results in their personal and professional life. This is achieved by listening to the client, observing him/her and adapting the approach to the client’s individual needs.

We believe that the client is by nature intelligent, creative and resourceful; we help him/her to achieve the desired outcomes by providing adequate support so that he/she can themselves enhance their skills and use the resources and the creativity they already possess.

With managers based on trust our extensive life and business experience and our deep understanding of interpersonal relations in business organizations, combined with many years of experience at senior management levels in international and multicultural environments.

We offer executive coaching:

  • for those facing new challenges in people management, in particular resulting from changes in organizational structures, corporate culture or intercultural issues;
  • for senior managers who need a significant change in the way they relate to others (remedial coaching);
  • for those seeking a new stage of personal development.

Development coaching for selected high-potentials and individually tailored mentoring, particularly advisable for those taking over new responsibilities or new positions in the company.