HR interim management for companies

What will you do if your HR head suddenly disappears? This could happen for many reasons: the incumbent may quit to take a job elsewhere,  a tragic accident may happen or a serious illness may require a long-term leave of absence;  or the HR director may have to take a maternity leave…. Meanwhile, life goes on, the company needs to do business as usual and this requires on going management of the HR function; indeed, maybe there is a need for even more: a large project is being implemented, demanding a bigger than usual involvement of the HR function. Is the company prepared for such an eventuality, is there a succession plan in place and a suitable replacement – permanent or temporary – ready to successfully take over? In many companies this is not the case, and the unexpected absence of the HR head may become a serious problem. If the absence is permanent, a new candidate needs to be found, and the bigger the role, the longer is the process likely to be.  Top search firms usually require several months, and even when the right candidate is finally identified – he or she usually has a job elsewhere, with the corresponding notice period. In such cases 6 months is nothing unusual. Can the company afford to do without an experienced HR head for 6 months?  The answer to this challenge is interim management. It provides a qualified and experienced interim manager almost at once, or very quickly, and allows the company to ensure management continuity as needed.  

This is the service that we provide, offering over 20 years of experience in managing complex HR functions in finance ( banking and insurance) and FMCG (manufacturing and sales), both in Poland and internationally. We have documented experience in change management, supporting M & A’s,  complex restructuring of whole companies or just the HR function, including partnering with trade unions, implementation of compensation regulations to replace earlier collective agreements, creating training centers, implementing talent management programs as well as creating and implementing new policies and regulations.